The Feast of Saint Matthias

Today is the feast day of Saint Matthias the Apostle. This is a feast that has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. Last week we discussed Jesus Christ’s ascension into Heaven. He left behind His Apostles, saying that He would always be with them and that He would send them the Holy Spirit. Now, we…Read more »

The Feast of the Ascension

Today is the Feast day of the Ascension, known as Ascension Thursday. On this day, millions of Roman Catholics will be attending mass to celebrate the Ascension of Jesus Christ into Heaven. It should be mentioned here that many other Christian denominations (such as Orthodox and Protestants) celebrate this event in their own ways. He…Read more »

Introduction and Welcome!

Welcome to Flowers of the Faith, my personal Catholic blog! My name is Kendall and I am a passionate Roman Catholic who strives to be faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium and seeks to grow in knowledge of the faith. When I am not at mass, I am a graduate student (majoring in English), a…Read more »